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Sustainable Driftless, Inc. produced an award-winning feature length film about the Driftless Region: Decoding the Driftless. You can rent a streaming version of the film on Vimeo or buy a DVD, Blu-ray disc or flash drive from our online store.

Also, we publish the Sustainable Driftless Magazine online. Check out the latest edition!

In addition, we developed school lesson plans to assist educators in teaching students about a range of topics, teaching science, strengthening the sense of place young people have, and promoting regional pride in the Driftless Area.

Our multiple channels of communication each have targeted outreach. With each channel, we are able to inform and educate the widest audience possible. All channels support and amplify the message that outdoor recreational pursuits, culture, health, economic vitality, and quality of life are dependent upon the extent to which we grow sustainably within our particularly distinct and unique natural environment that exists only in the Driftless Region.

All channels educate and highlight important issues in a fun and engaging way from experts and residents, while imbuing people of all ages with a sense of appreciation of the unique characteristics of the landscape we share.

RESULTS? Engagement. Understanding. Visitors. Investors. Sustainable Growth. Branding. Marketing. Economic Prosperity.

Check out the trailer for our upcoming documentary film:

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