Get your hands on the hottest new documentary film about the ruggedly beautiful Driftless Region: Decoding the Driftless!

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Decoding the Driftless is a wild ride of adventure through the air, across rugged landscapes, on and under the water, through a secret underworld, and across time itself to explore and decipher ancient clues of archaeology, paleontology, geology, and biology of the Driftless Region, with its captivating scenic beauty. Learn why this one region, in the heart of America, is the only “island driftless region” in the world.

Emmy Award-winning filmmakers George Howe and Tim Jacobson of Sustainable Driftless and Rob Nelson of Untamed Science have teamed up again to produce a feature-length film on the amazing origins, diversity, and resources of the Driftless Region. This time the creative team also includes Swedish filmmaker Jonas Stenstrom of Untamed Science, and six-time Emmy-winning wildlife cinematographer Neil Rettig. The team delivers extremely rare footage of natural phenomena and scenic beauty in the Driftless in a way never seen before!

Explore this fascinating region with fun-loving hosts from Untamed Science who will open your eyes, mind, and heart to the Driftless like never before. Your journey will take you to parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois to uncover ancient hidden mysteries, endangered Ice-Age throwbacks, and globally rare ecosystems as you experience Decoding the Driftless.

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