On the day after Thanksgiving, Sustainable Driftless officially launched the new trailer for its feature-length film, Decoding the Driftless, and launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (which ended 12/25/2016).

The trailer provides a sneak peek at the substantial progress Sustainable Driftless and its filmmaking partner, Untamed Science, have made with filming. In it, you can see many bits of scenes and incredible scenery that will be included in the final film, much of it shot within the past few months.

If you like the Driftless Region, you’ll love our Indiegogo perks. In the now-closed campaign, we offered guided tours and flights with the filmmakers as we explore and film the Driftless, real ancient fossil mementos, special exclusive seating at our world premiere, DVDs, T-shirts, and more! People who support Sustainable Driftless help thousands, if not millions, more people experience and cherish the most precious, mysterious and beautiful places on the Driftless landscape.


Decoding the Driftless is a film for the people–folks who live in the region and others who would like to visit,” said Tim Jacobson, president of Sustainable Driftless. “We’re thrilled to be providing all these people with an opportunity to get directly involved in helping film production move forward. This is going to be a hugely important film for the entire region and the landscape, and we hope people will get engaged with us.”

Click here for the new film trailer.